Bedrock Wine Co. is fundamentally about making wines that are hopefully a soulful expression of a vineyard and a year. Too often though, the critical link that binds a site to the winery is forgotten- the grower. The menagerie of personalities that we work with on a constant basis provides, outside of folks loving the wine, the greatest joy of running a small winery. Some, like Dino Amantite and Frank Evangelho, are the current advocates in a string of generations taking care of their vines. Others have come to it after enjoying other careers. There is a lawyer, and contractor, a rocket scientist, a Texan with a French mother who got buried in her beloved bikini, someone who controlled concessions at Cal games at the age of 16, and even the man who invented the wine cooler.

To bring to life this rather incredible group of people, we decided to turn to our old friend, David Darlington. David, who is a James Beard award winning author, met me as a five-year-old while writing “Angel’s Visits”- probably the best book ever written on Zinfandel. His most recent work, “An Ideal Wine,” offers a penetrating look at the generation of winemakers that oversaw the rise of California wine through the 80’s and 90’s. We are absolutely thrilled that he agreed to take on the project and even more excited with the result.